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Silent reflux

Posted on Sep 30, 2015 by Bertie's Blankets

Bertie was diagnosed with silent reflux when he was a few months old. I struggle to remember the first few months, it was all a bit of a sleep deprived blur. What I do remember is a little baby who cried all the time and never slept! He used to throw himself backwards when feeding, writhing in pain. He would lay rigid and clenched in his moses basket and seeked for comfort from me, he wanted to be laid upright on me all the time! He had fits of hiccups and was always full of gas - something just wasn't right. He was a very clean baby and never spit up (at first I thought it can't be reflux). I came across a book, "Colic Solved - The Essential Guide to Infant reflux and the Care of your Crying, Difficult-To-Soothe Baby", by Bryan Vartabedian which was a great read and shed a lot of light.

As a first time mum you battle on as you are told "babies cry" and other people / doctors think you're being over cautious about your new precious little one. After numerous visits to the doctors and trying myself to be dairy free as I was breastfeeding (very difficult when you're exhausted and crave your usual comfort diet) Bertie's grandma insisted on coming to the doctors with me to push our point that something just wasn't right. We saw a great doctor who thought it could be silent reflux. We were given liquid ranitidine and it worked. Not 100% but Bertie was so much more comfortable and thankfully he started to sleep for longer. The liquid was pretty strong but Bertie soon learnt that it brought comfort and gladly swallowed it down

 Here is a link to an article on silent reflux I recently came across: "Infant Silent Reflux is NOT Silent - Our Search For An Answer To Our Baby's Cries" by This grateful mama. It brought back so many memories of a difficult time. Bertie is now 3 and is a happy and content little boy who sleeps all night long - there is light at the end of the tunnel!





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